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Author Name: Dr. Gaurav Sethi , Dr. Honey Sethi & Dr. Tamanna Sethi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

I had made an account on the FACEBOOK on 3 JULY, 2013

The Journey to the Facebook was not so ordinary. I learned so much when the journey to the Facebook came to the front in my life. the lessons became fruitful for my whole life and it will be to yours also.

The journey was started from extreme hatred but end at extreme love. I used to hate the Facebook and consider it wastage of time. But in seven days my mind got turned . I started love the Facebook as it helped me to achieve my aim to an extent. Earlier I thought it a social site that is making the people unsocial as the people spend a lot of time on it and forget to sit with their loved ones. But in a week my views about the Facebook changed and I started to use it for a specific reason. Only then I came to know of its benefits. and now I am using it with a different purpose. What were my views earlier; how it changed; how it is helping me; how my mind accept the new outlook; to find out the answers let's read an inspirational story HOW I BOOKED MY FACE ON THE FACEBOOK ...JUST IN SEVEN DAYS and please change your mind also because you need a change now.


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Dr. Honey Sethi, Dr. Tamanna Sethi and Dr Gaurav Sethi, Assistant Professors Communication Skills, Physics and a Business man respectively. The Doctorates dedicate much of their time to research. Their efforts have been fruitful:

Dr. Honey Sethi has delivered and is still delivering several successful presentations on various topics like Personality Development, Self-Confidence Development, and Positive Thinking to communicate effectively with 11 published articles in national and international journals. Dr. Honey has books published on topic Representation of Subaltern Society in the Novels of Mulk Raj Anand(lit.) , Marxist Principles by Chinua Achebe and Nagugi Wa(lit.) by LAP Publishing House, Germany.She has authored the book on Topic Education, Curriculum, Society and Learner for the students of diploma in education.

Dr. Tamanna Sethi has book published Miracles of Nano tech with Bio- tech(physics) and Higgs Boson: The God Particle(physics) by LAP Publishing House, Germany. Dr. Tamanna has 9 articles published in national and international journals. She has given the presentations on spiritual topics like how to pray, how to be blessed in the life with positive thinking etc. She has authored the book on Topic Education, Curriculum, Society and Learner for the students of diploma in education.

Dr. Gaurav Sethi, a Doctorate of Management is running his own business. He has published seven research papers in national and international journals and one book,Job Satisfaction Related to Various Aspects: The Real Satisfaction by LAP Publishing House, Germany. He is supposed to run a campaign “Save the Girl Child “and Media Person for the Punjabi Sabha in his home town.

Over the times, watching these young blossom into focused, self-assured scholars who aspire to a career combining both educational and research. The Doctorates have earned the implicit trust and respect. Their talents and motivations are not limited. They are young persons who care deeply about the social implications and who have demonstrated this conviction through several substantial short-stories, articles and a heart-related topic novel Worthy Women….Power Behind Silence by Zorba Publishers and a short-story The Palanquin in Notion Publication’s curated anthology. In short, their high caliber of character and keen meteorological expertise set them well above others at their level of education.

Congratulate them for their novel published on topic How I Booked My Face on the Facebook by Notion Publications.

They are still working on many topics to write. Very soon we will get their next novel and of course their academic books. Their all books and novels can get from Amazon Books .Com, Zorba Publications site and Notion Publication site respectively .read blogs at http://limcarora.wordpress.com

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