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How Krishna Came into their Lives

by Jyoti Atul Bhatt

Format: Paperback

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The all compassionate Lord does not discriminate between the vile and the virtuous but instead showers liberally His bountiful gifts of Nature on one and all. Without distinguishing a saint from a sinner, His rivers give their water freely to all who come to their banks and the sun gives its heat and light equally, whether it is a garden of fragrant flowers or a dirty dumping ground. The Lord in fact offers the sweetest solace and the highest assurance to even the most sinful soul who feels that he is lost forever, that it can take shelter in Him and attain the supreme destination!

     The authorMrs. Jyoti Atul Bhatt(Jaysheela Devi dasi) says that faith in Krishna did not come to her straight away. As a child she would often watch Baa, her paternal grandmother singing with tears in her eyes, ‘Arati uttaro...Shree Krishna ghare aavya…’ This touched her heart but did not instill in her any desire to worship Krishna. The pull of the lures of life for her was very strong then. It was only after she got married, when her husband would read out to her passages from Shri Dilip Kumar Roy’s books, describing the beautiful experiences of ardent devotees of Krishna that a faint attraction for the Lord blossomed in her heart. Tears would well up in her eyes on hearing these divine experiences but even then she did not feel any compelling desire to take to the path of bhakti. Busy withher worldly commitments as a wife, a mother of two daughters, a daughter-in-law within a joint family and as a college Professor, she did not find any time for Krishna. But somewhere within her a thirst for the Ultimate Truth had awakened and the quest slowly began.

         It was then that Mrs. Bhatt resigned from her job as a Professor of History in Wilson College, Mumbai. She also gave up her passion for freelance writing. Some of her articles had been published in newspapers and magazines like ‘The Nagpur Times’ and ‘The Caravan’ magazine. Her priorities and interests gradually began to change. She discovered a new fascination for dabbling in different spiritual practices like meditation, reciting mantras, doing anusthans of the Gayatri mantra, reading scriptures, delving into works of spiritual luminaries and seeking guidance from saints and spiritual institutions. These became the most important things in her life. She became associated with Siddha Yoga following the teachings of Gurumayi or Swami Chidvilasananda. For twelve years she was connected to Gurudev Siddha Peeth, Ganeshpuri where she served as the Director of the Indological Research Institute that was affiliated to the University of Pune. Her turning to Krishna wholeheartedly came only when she received His grace. She then visited Iskcon several times and got inspired by the philosophy and teachings of Srila Bhaktivendanta Swami Prabhupada. In her quest for the Truth, searching and struggling to find the right direction she feels that she has finally found repose in Krishna bhakti … the means which is also the end…a bottomless ocean of pure love and bliss that gets newer and newer everyday!  Her journey to Krishna, she says, has just begun…   



How Krishna Came into their Lives





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