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How To Name Your Carbon Compound Vol 1

Author Name: Puranjay Srirambhatla | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

We have to sail into the vast ocean of organic chemistry, this book is the first ship to land closest, So sailors buckle up and embrace a voyage into the unknown mysteries of organic chemistry. Gain the knowledge available here so that in time it will help you during the crises and you will reach the one piece you are searching for. This is work done for beginners, who want to have a better and simple understanding of organic chemistry. The book consists of the basic nomenclature of carbon compounds; rules followed by IUPAC while naming them, the common names given to daily used carbon compounds, and the purpose of learning them. How are they used; shapes & geometry of carbon compounds up to the understanding of beginners. Organic chemistry as a subject can be hard to understand, but when experienced in the form of a story, then that is story that will be remembered for centuries, with the protagonist carbon also known as the “sage of our existence”.  

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Puranjay Srirambhatla

Puranjay Srirambhatla, pursuing integrated M.Sc in NIT Warangal in the Chemistry department. He is always fascinated by the mysteries of chemistry; he always felt that chemistry was not given the necessary significance in society. In the country where the youth is running towards the IT industry, he wanted to create a canal moving in a different direction, trying to inspire youth to get involved in science and, more importantly, to get involved in chemistry. He wanted to help society with his knowledge of chemistry because there isn’t a subject that can ignore chemistry. Any field will happen to work with materials, whose properties and design are determined by chemists, drugs, semiconductors, and metals, materials everything has to be designed or manufactured by a chemist. During his preparation time for JEE mains examination, he has seen many of his fellow students and friends who felt that chemistry was hard to understand especially in the part of organic chemistry, the reason unknown. After interacting with some of his fellow students at NIT Warangal, he found that no textbook has a detailed explanation of basic organic chemistry. The way he understood organic chemistry is expressed as detailed as possible in his book called “How To Name Your Carbon Compound Vol 1”