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Human Relationships in Shobhaa De's Novels


Format: Paperback

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About the Book

The explosive relationships in Shobhaa De’s novels.

Shobhaa De a passionate, poignant and confident writer by means of her art disseminates the idea of disgusting back for the fundamental mental rights of females. She achieved success with latest burning issues faced by her characters in relationships.

The book explores deeply Shobhaa De’s fiction and raises the mask of crimeful relations prevailing in high society of contemporary India. She exposes the obscure secrets of the urban elite people and the changed picture of dilemmas to a few knows about it. Through the means of literature she wanted to bring the awareness among the people and to stop the absurd circumstances ongoing in metros. Although the modern life has been exhibited in the novels, at the end she focuses on the Indian ethos. As a feminist cum humanist she intimates the women to be self reliant, independent through education and economic independence.

Characters in new avatars are presented. This book discovers the secret behind linking of unmarried females to married males and the entrapping of young females by ineffectual males. This epitome confers benefit to the youngsters to know about the side effects of premarital relationships. It also exhorts the decaying of marital relationships and rise in remarriage. Denying from motherhood is also viewed. The reasons behind falling into extramarital affairs are outspoken. New attitudes towards sex are adverted. It discusses the reason of preferring homosexually by bestowing the knowledge of mental health and problems in the lives of upper class people. Voilence against women is also stated.

This book is a solution for each and every unsettled, unsatisfactory relationship prevailing in contemporary society and also to the students, researchers and readers to get right direction for their motives. This contemplation exhibits that people live longer if they are in satisfying relationships. It is an honest and sincere attempt by the authors to convey Shobhaa De’s significant thoughts to the readers.



Human Relationships in Shobhaa De's Novels





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