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I Contact with Self Become now

by Kiran Phadnis

Format: Paperback

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If you are willing to paint a beautiful picture of your life with colors beyond your experiences, then this is the right canvas. All you will need is a truthful, contemplative brush to paint it straight from the heart.

This book is about an honest conversation with self. It’s a pause that will enable us to:

  • Answer a few questions that we grapple with and land in our new space of choice
  • Go beyond the “still noise” and “dynamic silence” and embrace the moment
  • Enthuse us to be vulnerable to the mystical ways of “nature”
  • Kiran is an engineering graduate, who also holds a postgraduate degree in management. He has a rich experience of over nineteen years in the engineering and training realm. He is the founder and principal consultant of Element Management Training & Consulting, an organizational development company based in Pune (India), specializing in people development interventions.



    I Contact with Self





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