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Impressions Of A Love Story

by Subhojit Banerjee

Format: Paperback

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“By the way I’m Siya.” All I could do was smile and nod…I drifted off as to why exams had decided to play the devil’s role in my love life.

Sam, a shy university lad had never expected his life to take such a turn after meeting a girl in a social gathering. A sports person by nature, Sam subdues his masculine pride to woo Siya, the girl he seems to have loved for ages. Differences crop up and Sam finds himself catapulted after college. Life seems to have other plans and love may just have been a teenage sport.

The author is a resident of Siliguri, West Bengal and an assistant English teacher in St Michael’s school. He did his secondary schooling from his home town in Kurseong and received his university degree from RBU, Kolkata. He is an ardent sports lover and an adventurist. During his college years he had an unfortunate relationship that could have proved fatal for his career but he overcame it and realized that those things were quite common. So in an effort to help others passing through the same phase he created this fiction.



Impressions Of A Love Story





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