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Author Name: INDRA KATYAL | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

The present book "IN QUEST OF BLACK GOLD" depicts the story of an Indian Oil Man, i.e. myself, who joined the Indian oil quest for oil during its inception years of 1961, being employed with ONGC and wandered throughout the country for the exploration of oil & natural Gas. I had the opportunity to drill exploratory wells In Ankleshwar ( Gujarat ) Project, wherein one of the best quality crude was struck, encouraging ONGC to drill wildcat and exploratory wells to deeper depths in and around the Ankleshwar oil bearing structure. I had drilled wells in most of the parts of Gujarat State, which includes Bharuch, Rajpipla, Kosamba, Olpad, Jambusar, Atali around Ankleshwar and Mehsana, Bechraji, Kadi, Kalol, Balol etc. around Mehsana. I had also been a part of team for exploring oil & gas in Jaisalmer ( Thar Desert ), where traces of oil & gas were found and presently the structure has been developed by CAIRN Energy to produce crude oil in commercial quantities. I also drilled exploratory wells in Assam State and explored Sibsagar, Borrohola, Galeiki etc. structures. Being a Champion in my school and college atheletics and as such I used my sportsman spirit and stamina, while working in the profession of a Drilling Engineer with ONGC, by taking on about 15 numbers of transfers in my 21 years of service. I resigned ONGC in the year 1982, while the crude oil production was around 27 Million Tonnes, which has not much increased in the span of 32 years. I have also given the description of my childhood and early days of my schooling and college periods. I wold like to thank the readers of my written book depicting the facts regarding an Indian Oil Man and my sweet & sour memoirs, while working with the Indian Oil Industry.



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