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Inching Towards 30

Author Name: Toshal Gandhi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

A lot of times words flow in the mind, thoughts cloud around. All we need is a pen and paper to express, and there you go, there’s poetry of the mind. As Toshal moves towards a milestone age of 30, this is an account of experiences; a self-dialogue, reflections of successes, failures, sorrows, joys and love. This book is a piece of expression for anybody and everybody to find themselves in these words or between the lines of the poems.

There are checklists that we often make before we reach a milestone age. You want to do a certain amount of things and be a certain way before you turn 30. But life has its own course. All the lists you make become insignificant as you enjoy the process more than the goal. This book is all about inching towards 30, not 30 under 30. Here's a dedication to all beautiful souls out there to enjoy all successes and failures in work, in relationships, in everything.

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Toshal Gandhi

Born in a city, raised as an urban child, Toshal often wondered what it is to look beyond known sight. With the privilege of good academics, art education, freedom of speech, and the free will to decide what to do and where to be, Toshal has explored many areas of work, art and expression.​

Toshal Gandhi completed her undergrad in Production Engineering from the University of Pune and later pursued a Post Graduate Program in Development Management from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research in Mumbai. She also has formal education of 23 years in the Indian classical dance, Kathak. 

Professionally, she's had the fortune of working in diverse sectors and workplaces. She started off as a Content Strategist and a Learning Designer at many places, from corporates to startups. After quitting a well-thriving career in the corporate, Toshal joined the social sector. She's worked in areas of marketing, operations and content management in many social startups. She embarked on the path of co-starting two social organizations in 2017, Sutradhar India and Createdu India Foundation. Today, she continues to work in places and sectors of education, art and social development. 

With her ups and downs, highs and lows, the only thing she strives to do is Learn to Learn, with her story always in the making, never complete.



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