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Interview.in A Complete Interview Manual

Author Name: Capt. Satabdi Chatterjee | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

A job interview rarely lasts longer than an hour but its consequences may last for years. To identify as the most suitable candidate for the interview, one has to certainly prepare well in advance. But how?

My effort starts from here. Interview.in is a one-stop solution to prepare someone for any kind of job interview within a very short period. This book is a complete manual for interviews by which a candidate can easily learn the technicality of winning an interview.

It is advisable to read only one lesson per day and take 14 days to bloom yourself gradually.

In today's corporate culture or any service industry, a degree is not enough to get a job. Many surveys say that every company wants candidates who fit the job as well as fit the corporate culture. How they describe 'fit' depends on many factors, everything in fact, from skills to personality.

This book will help you to brush up your potential, bloom your personality, give 100% performance in interviews and succeed in your life.

All the best!

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Capt. Satabdi Chatterjee

Capt. Satabdi Chatterjee is a very popular name in the aviation industry. She is the first lady commercial pilot licence holder from Kolkata, West Bengal. After her graduation in Science stream, she started her education in the civil aviation sector, which was her childhood dream. Yes, she wanted to become a pilot! She proved by her life that nothing is impossible and where there is a will, there is a way.

After achieving a commercial pilot licence from the Director-General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India, she went to the Philippines for higher studies and job. After serving the airlines there, she came back to India and decided to start her own academy on aviation training, Horizon, which spread its wings to Aviation and almost all corporate sectors and started providing trained manpower to them.

With her experiences in training and placement sectors over two decades, Capt. Satabdi Chatterjee wrote this book, Interview.in, for the youths who are preparing themselves for job interviews. Her other motivational book in the Bengali language, Tumi Parbei, is a big hit among Bengali readers all over the world, which has been continuously inspiring and motivating them.

She is also popular for her TV shows on career building which telecasts on Zee Bangla, NDTV Imagine, Kolkata TV, Aakash Bangla, ABP Group, etc. Her book, Interview.in, will surely help everyone to get their dream jobs.

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Email: capt.satabdi@gmail.com

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