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ISLAM EK HINDU KI KAHANI Ek Dharm Ke Vivadaspad Pahluon Par Alag Drishtikon Batati Rochak Kitab

Author Name: Rishi Aacharya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Do you think that: 

Islam is a religion which teaches hatred to others?

Killing innocent people from other religions is preached in Islam?

There is no mercy for non-muslims in Islam?

'Jihad' is an Islamic war against other religions to rule them? 

If  'yes' or 'you are not sure' is your answer, then this is THE RIGHT book for you. Based on a true-life incident of the writer, this thought-provoking book deals with being born and brought up in a typical Hindu family. The writer was introduced to Islam, and certain incidents shocked him, and from there, he started his quest of searching for the true meaning of Islam. During his research, he found the oneness of both the religions and discovered some gems of the holy book, the Quran. 


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Rishi Aacharya

Rishi Aacharya is an upcoming blogger and author. An All India Kalidas Award winner and a keen researcher of ancient Indian wisdom, his work has garnered him attention in the country. He is an author in demand, especially among the Indian youth, for his radical views and unique writing style. Decoding the ancient wisdom of the east in the context of modern philosophy is his passion and forte. At present, he is working as a principal at a senior college in Pune.