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Island Game of Modern Life A Game: You should play before you die!

by Himanshu Kumar Sah

Format: Paperback

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Sukesh, Sanchita, Kapil and Siddhant die and go to Yamlok, where they meet Yamraj.

Yamraj gives them one last chance to become alive again, and they can go back to earth, if they win the game: Island Game of Modern Life. The winner will be resurrected to life and could start life from where it ended.

What was the game and who wins? What is a modern life? Is it really true that after people die, Yamraj gives one last chance to them to become alive again?

Himanshu Kumar Sah was born in Malda, West Bengal and brought up in a remote village of Bihar.

He lives in Bangalore. Island Game of Modern Life is his first Novel. He believes that if you look at anything differently, it will become a game.

Contact Information: gamesbyhimanshu@gmail.com



Island Game of Modern Life





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