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Journey towards Eternity

by K. K. Ghosh

Format: Paperback

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Education does not mean simply dumping the children in schools, colleges and Universities, to get a certificate and a good job in MNC with a handsome pay package. It has to be illuminated from within.

Right from Gurukul system of education it has been noticed that teaching takes place but learning takes place rarely.

In India Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has done a marvelous job in the field education. It has created Unity in Diversity. Similarly central Universities and other organizations too.

K.K. Ghosh a passionate teacher and has toured extensively spreading knowledge and serving people extensively. He was born at Ambala and went to different schools in different provinces as his father was a combatant member of The Indian Air Force and used to get transferred every three years. As a teacher he served in Moscow for five years and has been to other parts of the world such as Finland, Poland, Germany and England, to name a few. He is an excellent orator and grabs the attention of his listeners with his eloquence.



Journey towards Eternity



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