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Kandil's Weekly Math Practice: Grade 6 Division - Book 2- 40 Worksheets Division of decimal number by single digit

Author Name: Neki Modi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

Every parent wants to provide enough practice work to their kids. However, there is confusion about how much practice work is required for a kid at a younger age.

Do the kids need twenty sheets a day of practice work?

Is one sheet a week of practice work enough?
What will be the optimum practice work required for a kid during a whole academic year?
What is the balance between drill work and innovative thinking?

What will happen if the kids are indulged in too much math practice work? 
Will it hamper their innovative thinking?

Well, the author believes that “REGULAR PRACTICE” is an optimum way.


This book contains FORTY worksheets containing drill problems for the division of a decimal number by a single digit, for Grade 6 children for the whole academic year!

This book eliminates the need to take home prints, running around math franchises, and overwhelming the kids with too many math drill worksheets.

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Neki Modi

With almost a decade of teaching experience, Neki created this book series to fill the gap in available study aids for their own children. After testing a variety of resources with little success, she decided to combine her professional expertise and come up with a better solution for parents who don't always have time (or patience) to give their children all the personal attention they need. Putting her thoughts together, she realized that kids go to school for about forty weeks a year. From this simple observation was born a brilliant solution: give each child 'One-Sheet-A-Week' to practice mathematics drills. With this amazingly simple idea, Neki prepared this math drill book as a practice tool to share with other parents trying to help their children at home. Now, parents everywhere can use it to save loads of time and money, and their kids can begin practicing right away.