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Kavya My Ocean A Journey of Faith & Love

by Vamana

Format: Paperback

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A journey of faith and love...

Rahul is an average student in school; he is forced by his father to take swimming classes during his summer holidays. These classes inspire him to take swimming as his career. He begins coaching and eventually starts participating in competitions.

But resistance from his father makes him pursue engineering. Though he hates it initially, he takes interest and performs well in the long run. Even when it comes to his job, he accepts his parents’ decision and works for an MNC, while awaiting an international job offer. A series of events leads him to meet the love of his life. Does he succeed in his love and career? What happens to his swimming ambition?

Vamana had an impulse to write this book for two reasons: his prolonged dream about the missing flight MH370 that departed from Malaysia for Beijing, and his love and inspiration at his office.

These two, put together, resulted in “Kavya My Ocean.”



Kavya My Ocean





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