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Author Name: Ashok Kumar Sachdeva | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

I have witnessed, myself included, hundreds of people struggle with the inner conflict of the spiritual v/s the physical. I suspect one of the biggest reasons is because the majority of us were not taught about “the unknown within” i.e. our mind and our psychic natures. If we sit in silence in a solitary room and watch the various mental phenomena, mental states, moods, impulses, emotions, sentiments, whims, fancies that occur within the mind. It will be of absorbing interest to study the subtle states of the inner psychic world. Hence, this work Know -"the unknown within”.

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Ashok Kumar Sachdeva

The author “A.K.Sachdeva” was an engineer by academic qualification and a businessman by profession renounced the material world by taking Karma-sannyasa at the age of 41. He studied the Vedic scriptures, Upnishads and Purans with his guru, Swami Ramji Maharaj of Uttarkashi and learned Pranayam and meditation from different Gurus before and during his spiritual journey all these years, as he is 69 now.

He is familiar with the lifestyles in India and the West, and has tremendous insight into both cultures as he spends most of his time teaching Pranayam, Meditation and GITA at different places in India as well as spending 3-4 months teaching at U.S.A. and Dubai UAE, where he visits regularly.

He has dedicated his life to the spread of the ancient Vedic teachings pertaining to the knowledge of the Self by trying to explain each point in detail until he is sure that each person in front of him has understood. The depth of wisdom, compassion, and kindness brings great joy to all who come in contact with him.


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