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Know Your Supreme Richness The Absolute Non-Dual teachings Straight from the Source

Author Name: GM | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Know Your Supreme Richness is written to help sincere seekers around the globe to know the Ultimate Truth within which remains unknown and unnoticed due to the lack of knowledge of the SELF. Here, the knowledge of the Self is explained in more detail to help every sincere seeker to know the Eternal Truth beyond Birth and Death.

GM says, we are neither Conscious of ourselves nor know what this Consciousness is!  GM emphasizes that by abiding in stillness constantly we can transcend the duality and know our Non-dual Supreme Reality.

GM’s teachings are straight from the Source itself and every answer comes from the Source like an arrow from the bow. Every answer by GM is a medicine to the seekers suffering through the personality. GM talks about Consciousness and its nature. 

GM says, ‘Nobody never born, what is born is only a dream including birth and death in space’. GM’s answers are sparkling and make the readers abide in stillness effortlessly. This book enhances the seekers who are meditating for decades and are still unaware of their Supreme Richness to explore the Ever Present Ultimate Truth within.

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GM is a Self-realized Master living in Chennai (Tamil Nadu), India. GM began her career as a scientist in the late 1980s. GM transcended the duality in the late 2000s.  Later, GM quit her job and remained in silence for several years. In the mid 2010s, GM began teaching sincere seekers who are dedicated to their own selves, to realize the Ultimate Reality. GM’s teachings are profound and awakening. It is quite rare to find a Master who has transcended birth and death.

GM says, You are That Supreme already! But yet to know. Her whole teaching is only to awaken the Consciousness which is sleeping now through the imposed personality. GM says, the Truth is not outside but within just now. Just closing your eyes is enough to know your Supreme Truth within.

The author says that her talks are addressed only to Consciousness which is searching its Source to know its Wholeness!