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Kolkata Burning

Author Name: Swarbhanu Chatterjee | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Kolkata Burning is a thrilling account of 14 hours of intense action in Kolkata, India, where a mastermind has laid out detailed plans to wreak havoc and establish his control in South East Asia. Innocent lives and property are destroyed in seconds. Timely intervention of a secret organization creates an intense resistance.

The situation stabilizes multiple times due to the heroic efforts of two brothers and common men from the city itself. Wit and agility are both put to use throughout the 14 hours.

Will the brothers be able to save the city from falling prey to the dark world’s rule? Will they be able to prevent the parallel government from establishing its roots? Will they be able to prevent the takeover by a terrorist regime? Will the city remain true to its culture and unite to rectify?


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Swarbhanu Chatterjee

Swarbhanu Chatterjee writes for the sheer love of storytelling. He essentially encapsulates the heroics of common men and also the mental transition that positivity brings about in men and women, when the situation calls for it. He loves writing situational descriptions, which force the protagonists to go through multiple layers of mental and physical upheavals.

His books are difficult to put down, and the descriptions compel the readers to complete them at one go.

A man of less words and with utter clarity of mind, Swarbhanu Chatterjee has an immense capacity for detail for his fictional situations. With multiple projects planned, he hopes to continue pleasing his readers for years to come.