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Lakshmi the Story of a mother

by Durga Surya Sai Kumar

Format: Paperback

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“At times these horrendous hours would make her feel perplexed and afraid. ‘Where am I?’ she would wonder and shudder…Perhaps, feeling dwarfed by the numbers and regulations, she seemed muted. Lost into her world of thoughts, Lakshmi would try to see a flash of her days as a free bird.”

A departure from the genre of romance, this book talks about a Mother- the first love and lady of any child.

Set in the era of early 1970’s, this book attempts to look into the life of a carefree girl who grows up into a woman with great courage and conviction. She handles all challenges, relations as fragile as glass, her son’s health, her brother in law’s domination and intrusions, transformations the followed the death of her in-laws...Did she fit in as a Badi Bahu? Did she give in to the pressures or did she fight back?

Did Lakshmi emerge as the Iron lady of the house?

Born in 1981, D.D.S. Sai Kumar, also known as Surya and Sai, is a telugite who was born and brought up in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He has completed his MBA in Finance and Marketing from KIIT School of Management (Pune), KIIT UNIVERSITY, BHUBANESHWAR in the year of 2007. A teacher by profession and passion with a decade of integrated experience in financial service sector and academics, Sai aspires to be a writer. Lakshmi is the first book in a set of two, which he has attempted to share with his readers in his journey as a writer.

Nature’s photography, reading novels, listening to music and trips to historical places enchant him as well.

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