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Last Man in the Q काश तू अनपढ़ होती आई

Author Name: Shrikant Solao | Format: Paperback | Genre : Biographies & Autobiographies | Other Details

Last Man in the Q is the stand of one man amongst millions, one of those many alone and lost in a world of service, in solidarity against injustice. This book is a narrative by a doctor who, with gratitude for the free government education he received, chose a path of self-sufficiency and of service to his fellow man. Driven by an intense desire to make a livelihood out of his own skills, hard work, dedication and knowledge, the last man in the queue draws from his experiences as he grew his own practice from a dream to fruition, in order to draw attention to inherent failings within the ‘system.’ Considering the needs of his patients and customers to be of the greatest concern, the last man in the Q is offended by any insinuation that his motivations be financial, as he strives and perseveres for the greater good, withstanding unnecessary struggles to provide for all concerned. The last man in the Q is far from alone in these struggles, there are millions alike, and in coming together as one force, a triumphant fight can be waged against a ‘system’ of injustice and exploitation.

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Shrikant Solao

Born as Shrikant Vasantrao Solao, I am a medical practitioner in Pune. The last name is not familiar to many. My family hails from a village called ‘Shendurjana Ghat’ in Vidarbha. The village is about 100 km from Amravati. For generations, our family was involved in agriculture and grew the ‘Nagpur oranges’. My mother, Sushila Solav, is from Pune. You just noticed the difference in spelling. Actually, it is a phonetic name. It sounds ‘So-Love’. Just as ‘Deo’ is also spelt as ‘Dev’, Jadhao as ‘Jadhav’. The city of Leuven has many ways to spell- Lovain-Leuven-Louvain, etc. So, the last name can also be spelt as ‘Solov’. Incidentally, while visiting Leiden a few years ago, I came across a health food joint called ‘So-Low’. Anyway, I was born in Pune. Almost all first-born in India are at their maternal grandmother’s place. Being raised in MP, initially Raipur, later on at Bhopal, I have a cosmopolitan outlook. My two sons are named after two virtues that I believe in, happiness and peace (Raunaq and Aman). At times, one learns the hard way that our expectations are in stark contrast with reality. My happiness is torn to pieces by their collective deeds or misdeeds. All the poems have been composed in Hindi. Pallavi, my wife, is an anesthesiologist. All I can say about her is, “an ordinary woman with an extraordinary tolerance.” I am a passionate gardener, and Pallavi knows that whenever we are abroad, the first thing to ask the receptionist is the ‘Hortus Botanicus’ (i.e the botanical garden) in any city. I often tell in my lectures that I am married to trees, and Nuclear Medicine and Pallavi are my ‘extra-marital affairs’.