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Leadership of a Sow

Author Name: P.T.More | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

God, you’re midst of jungle 

Taking the burden of humanity

Struggling for self existence, and vision

And attempts to stand up but you can’t,

You’re a patient of PARALYSIS!

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‘Leadership of a Sow’ is his first book of poetry collection, and second of his literary. He’s published one international novel in 2018, named ‘Kingdom in Dream; the Prime Minister’ which has given him reputation all over India. He’s a man of his thirties, has great sense of imagination, and reality. He’d like to focus on hypocritical and slavish society, inactive politics and corrupt religion. We also find in his writing supernatural elements, and helpless social structure. He’s also a little bit sense of hummer, and it touches his writing. His composition is like an arrow which can injure the hearts, and he loves poetic justice also. Irony, satire and allegory are chief elements in his writing which use very skillfully. He is against artificial and phony people, and his composition is a part of it. His poems have many themes such as love, supernaturalism, religion, politics, society and other. His almost poems have come from observation and experience! He always tries to give justice, and place to his people, and society. His poems are rebel against established people and society which exploit to new generations. He is a farmer and work hard in farm, and when get time, he composes handsome literature. He‘s a lot energy for creation, and who tries to bring about innovation in his writing. This book is his highly attempt to create place in great poets, and writers. His honest describing incidents and story make him different from others. He being an energetic young man, his poems has maturity and wisdom. Absurdity and modernism are inseparable parts of his writing.