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Lets become healthy now @ mid age get Optimal heath & Happiness by changing mindset

Author Name: Dr Nadeem - Bio Hacker & Active Life Consultant | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

 Why this book?

There may be hundreds of books on bookshelves, about how to lose weight how to make six-packs, muscle building, etc.

There may be very few on how to change your mindset to achieve your health transformation mid-age. 

When we look around we can see many people who are struggling with health goals. After some time, they are not able to continue this journey for a long time. I feel most of our current problems have to do with the way we understand and define our obstacles. What is our internal talk about ourselves whether we believe we can get what we want, or there is a doubt in our head?

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Dr Nadeem - Bio Hacker & Active Life Consultant

Dr Nadeem is a former International Hockey Player, Certified Fitness trainer and wellnesss consultant , this bookis about how his Joureny form Super Fit at the age 18 to 27 than Fit from the age of 28 to 38 than to Unfit 38 to 45 , now at the age of 48 he is super fit again and he is Model, and fitness enthusiast he shares all his painful story to transformational story with all to inspire how you can be Fit at middle age