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Life in Between: Creating a Home Away From Home With 6 Empowering Stories of Migration

Author Name: Anya Pallamreddy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

While essentially bringing light to the theme of migration, the book targets a more contemporary audience: today’s adolescents and young adults. Relocation, especially amongst this age group, can be a big change, affecting both one’s mental and physical health. The book aims to offer support in terms of finding a sense of belonging, making friends and dealing with homesickness in a new environment amongst many more issues that migrant children seem to grapple with. Through interactions with candidates from all over the world, it can evidently be concluded that most migratory experiences are made better with some guidance and the knowledge that all struggles during this time are completely normal, justified and understandable. The book includes a few real-life stories from migrant teenagers who have moved and their advice and coping mechanisms to deal with moving away that is, often accompanied by several heartrending goodbyes and, most importantly, a loss of comfort. The book is, in its own special way, a little like a “How to”, aiming to offer some sort of support and reassurance that things in life fall into place eventually. Written in a very conversational tone by someone who has observed migratory experiences first-hand, the book hopes to spark discussion about the possibility of a creation of a new life  away from home, whilst also acknowledging all the difficulty that comes with relocation.

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Anya Pallamreddy

Anya Pallamreddy is an eleventh-grade student studying at The International School Bangalore in Bangalore, India. She is extremely passionate about migration and working with different kinds of people, especially where the theme concerns giving back through small but meaningful ways to the underprivileged in our society. She has started her own non-profit to create awareness about the challenges faced by migrant families, often excluded from mainstream discussion. ‘100 Visions’ aims to give back to the community of migrants through various fundraisers, free medical and dental camps, panels on different issues such as education and healthcare for migrant workers, and food drives.

Apart from going down the rabbit holes of exciting research in her free time, she is also a competitive swimmer, an avid reader, a lover of the outdoors and an absolute movie buff! She hopes to pursue macroeconomics and public policy at university in the future!