by Mahesh Kumar Thammandru


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

Life is a sweet journey. We don’t know when it would start and where it would end. But we have to consider it as a challenge in order to succeed and make it a happy course. Relationship, Time and Money are the most promising factors to lead a happy life. The very important aspect is the Human Relationship which binds the people with Emotions and forms many circles. Each and every Emotion has its importance and every human being has its necessity and requirement. They are more flexible, in fact more powerful, because it would describe your Personality and Conduct. Hence, they are the means of Human Dignity. This book speaks about the Human Emotions, Great Entities, and Innovative concepts to the fullest, that would bring a change in our life which surely makes us to develop great thoughts and enlightens you with the Moral Ethics leaving us onto the stage of maximum comfort

About the Author

Mr. MAHESH KUMAR THAMMANDRU, MBA Post Graduate, from Guntakal, Andhra Pradesh, pursued at National School of Business, Bangalore. He is also a part of International Master Semester program at ESC-Pau, France. He worked as a Financial Analyst in ITC Group, Bangalore. Parallely, he also worked as a Lecturer for students pursuing MBA Distance Education at Bangalore. Later he shifted his scale of Operations towards Business Management and self employed. He understood that there is a lot of Enlightment required for the people to succeed in their lives. Hence, he started his literature work by imbibing special features and produced his thoughts in order to make the people understand the human life and walk towards Self Realization.

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