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Life @ Money 'N' Pleasure

Author Name: Jatin Shah | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A strongly bonded college group of seven friends, known as “RAINBOW”, comprising five boys and two girls, with enlightened school of thoughts, applying which they work smartly, achieve global milestones, travel beautiful places and enjoy the journey of their lives.

Their story explores the relevance of institutions like marriage in a globalised world. It caters various shades of relationships. And talks about the ultimate goals in one’s single life. It also reveals interesting insights into the corporate world, including association meetings, board meetings, global business conferences, challenges of sustainable growth in industry.

Rainbow’s indulgences in Kashmir and Singapore are experiences which you will love to indulge into.


Vinita wondered “Guys it is the same country, which merely by changing its approaches to its issues, including opening up its economy, timely decisions, transformed its global image from, a not so investment friendly India, to a preferred business destination.”

“Now after one is settled, he or she can take life as a business of joy and try to maximise the profits, i.e. maximum joy in the single life, by making right choice at the right time. At the same time by nature, people also want varieties of joys, pleasures and not only one type of monotonous pleasure. Hence one should also know which type of varieties of joys, pleasures are available”

“Lakshya this is a dream journey for all of us and must thank Yasif for same. In fact this is a season time for his family business. Shruti told me once that with mom, dad you had been once to Srinagar and I am excited to know what romance and natural beauty we are going to indulge into.”

“In Srinagar scenic landscapes, snow clad mountain valleys, blossoming gardens, splendid lakes are long awaiting us. Our hotel itself is at the bank of famous Dal Lake. In fact Guru was insisting for a Houseboat stay, but Yasif with great difficulty, convinced him.”

“Our surveys in major countries reveal that though, there are adequate resources for the purpose, but are not well spent. Citizens, voters are trapped and it is very difficult to redirect these people’s resources as they are controlled by powerful groups who have interest in bad ideas like war and corruption, flourishing.”

The breathtaking sceneries, throughout pass from Kokernaag-Daksun-Sinthon Top, with less crowded calm and quite journey, gave them much enjoyment. It is simply untouched, serene, unspoilt beauty of nature. Only after reaching the top they realised what “High altitude mountain passes” meant. Cold wave at the top was unbearable. Even in summer there is snowfall. A place where beauty surpasses everything, greenery and snow capped mountains all round and unspoilt nature welcome nature lovers.

“Then send them to the Global event, two days conference, in Kualalumpur, Malaysia, where most of our global competitors and raw material suppliers are meeting to study present situation and future scenario.”

At sharp 10pm, they were at ‘ Zouk’ to avoid long line to get inside. It is located behind the Grand Copthorne Hotel. Zouk is made up of three clubs and a wine bar, with the main room showcasing techno and House music. Velvet underground is more relaxed and exclusive, while Phuture is quite experimental and racier than the rest.

Zouk is home to all manner of leading world’s DJS.

Suresh “So Lakshya you think we have upper hand. Mrs Rangrajan is a Wizard in Marketing. Earlier she was with a Mumbai based group. Plus she has very good international contacts. In earlier company to boost Indian demands and prices of her products, at breakeven prices, she exported her 90% capacity for three months and not only boosted demands in India but also fetched far better prices in India for next six months. So she is not of the type who take tensions, rather she cherish giving!”

Haasterene “Like small is no more viable, sometimes big is a big headache.”

Parthiv “Boss I am trying to understand the implications of your proposal to Haasterene, in Pavillion lounge and I got the answer. It was a masterstroke. The beauty is that, Haasterene was happy that he has sold his idea to you!.”

Vinod “See Mr. Murthy, I know which scripts are run by which operators and at present each operation is in which stage. So only buy the script which I have advised you, or if because Valia’s script is going up and you buy it, then when you will buy it, Mr. Valia will get out of it, you see. So please do not use your mind. Anyway phone me after an hour, we shall talk in detail.”


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The author JATIN SHAH, a science post-graduate and a businessman, has travelled through an array of interesting professional and personal experiences in his journey of life, which provoked him to share them with you in the form of this book.

You can know more about him by emailing him at: