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Life's Macchiato A collection of your stories…

by Gayatri Iyer

Format: Paperback

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Sitting in your favorite corner sipping a hot cup of macchiato whose beautiful layers gives you a glimpse of life. Just like each layer of a macchiato has a distinct color and flavor, life has multiple flavors to offer-sweet, bitter, creamy or mixed. Each sip is different and each step of life gives you a new flavor to identify.

This book is a collection of life’s flavors which range from an innocent sweet comedy of errors, warm nostalgic moments of reminiscence to a serious look at us and our relationships. Take this book in your hands like a warm cup of Macchiato and with each page you can savor it like a sip of coffee- either take a moment to enjoy the flavor or devour some more pages to discover more facets of life. Take your pick of a story- you never know what flavor you get in that story. Drink it, slurp it and quench your thirst for life.

Gayatri Iyer is an ordinary young girl with extraordinary dreams. She lives in New Delhi with her family and four adopted stray dogs. Her life's sojourn already has a bouquet of interests like being a tennis player, greeting card maker , animal lover, an avid blogger and a fitness freak...just to name a few. Her latest journey of self discovery has led her to discover a hidden talent of storytelling. She works at a major MNC during the day and by evening she transports herself to the world of storytelling and imagination. LIFE’S MACCHIATO is her maiden attempt to let the world experience ‘Gayatri's’ manner of storytelling. The book is an excerpt from all our lives so don't get surprised if some of these characters seem a bit too familiar. The book also captures human emotions very well ; not always in black and white but in a zillion shades of grey. Experience and enjoy the human side of these stories!



Life's Macchiato





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