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[LIVE] from Mumbai

by Karthik NJ

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

All is well in Mumbai until the 26th day of November in 2008. The city of dreams, Mumbai is reeling under a terrorist attack. Several lives including those of Aamir, Naseema, Rajesh, Victor and Sneha are caught in the maelstrom. An account of the 3 days and 3 nights which changed the lives of hundreds of people.

Will Rajesh and Nirmala get back together?

What will happen to Akbar, Vishal, Priya and several others trapped in the Taj?

What happens to Victor and Sneha at Leopold Cafe?

What happens at the Oberoi and at CST?

Love or terror? Which of the two wins it?

And the biggest question of them all, Will the nation get back on its feet?

Coming [LIVE] from Mumbai - an exclusive about how the common people of Mumbai survived the chaos unleashed by Ajmal Kasab and Co.



[LIVE] from Mumbai



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