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Living Fifteen A Peer into the Mind of a Teenager

Author Name: Amulya Rao Madasu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Living life as a teenager is hard; we are treated like children and expected to behave like adults.

Being a part of Gen Z is harder; cybercrime, bullying and insecurities are just routine things for us.

But it’s not all sadness and despair, there is excitement, self-discovery and emotion too. Living Fifteen is a poetry book that articulates the experiences into words – words that speak on levels, words that make you laugh, words that make you cry and words that understand you.

Read this book to realise that you aren’t alone in this battle against the world; to realise what your children are going through and that you too were once a teenager who felt the world was working against you.

So pick this book up and give it a read. Send pictures of what you like about it to your friends; pass it on; tuck it safely in a box only to rediscover it in a few years and read it once more.

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Amulya Rao Madasu

Amulya Rao Madasu, born in Germany, raised in India, an extensive traveller, learner and lifelong activist against social injustices, is a fourteen-year-old with big ideas. Even as a young child, she ensured to use her voice to address issues of the world and spread awareness to her peers. She learnt from the world around her by observing the good and the bad and never thought twice to voice her opinions.

As a teenager, when her opinions, emotions and ideas were ruled out for ‘teen nonsense’, she decided not to sit down, but work on a solution. And that solution is the very book you hold today. She believes that no good ever comes just by sitting down and hoping.

As an avid writer, she finds language magical and ensures to utilise it for the right causes. She thoroughly enjoys sharing experiences and collecting stories from the people of the world. She hopes that, through this book, the billions of teen voices around the world that dwell buried under the pretext of merely being ‘hormone-driven gibberish,’ turn into ideas that could transform the world.