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LOL An Eclectic Tale of Love

by Rahul Srinivasan

Format: Paperback

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At times, fortune plays havoc with people’s life expectedly or unexpectedly.

Rahul, a painter by birth takes up his father's business after completing middle school. In the midst of it, he is forced to leave the house after unveiling the mystery behind his birth. He goes to many places in search of his parents. Finds love with Pragathi, an extremely talented girl, hailing from a middle class family.

Rahul has loved Pragathi for years by now and is waiting for a chance to marry her somehow. With graduations approaching, Rahul has one more decision to make: Pragathi or Parents. It's gonna be a hectic reconciliation between the two. But, her dad tries to ignite their love accounting for his status. Will he succeed in roping Pragathi to his side?

Rahul Srinivasan was born on 27th of February to his parents S. Vengatesan and S. Geetha in the city of Chennai. Though he's from India, he loves to read foreign works and other literature right from childhood. Getting motivated by the writings of Shakespeare and Dan Brown, he decided to write a novel in his own style, and his own way of viewing things which makes him stand unique. He is currently pursuing his college degree in Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College, Chennai.

As a part of hobby, he writes many short stories and poems in addition to his first novel. He loves to be a role player during short skits and drama. So, in this novel, he takes up the main character named Rahul, and he narrates the entire story in first person which makes the storyline quite impressive, and adds a little bit of suspense.








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