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Love-not out-Peace when love takes a 'u-turn'

by Prasanta Mahanta

Format: Paperback

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‘Love-not out-Peace’ is a book that celebrates love and friendship. It has no didactic elements. It’s just a simple story about love and the importance of friends in one’s life. It tells you how desolate one becomes without friends and how the thing called ‘love’ can create wonders, provided you make the right choice. The story unfolds with a fracas between Prashant and Drishti which inculcates sheer hatred between them. But will this hatred change into love? Will Drishti, a girl with a very practical approach towards life, ever fall for a guy like Prashant whom she hates right from the day she met with him? Come with me and relive your teen age, celebrate your friendship and most importantly, fall in love………….

1)    Born in a small town in Assam on 18th December, 1993, Prasanta Mahanta did his schooling from Sacred Heart School, Tezpur and presently he is a student of TDC 2nd Semester (English Honors) in the renowned Darrang College. Besides writing, he is also an active participant of various co-curricular activities. He has won many prizes in debates and quizzes. He loves watching movies, playing video games and playing on the guitar. You can e-mail him at rickykhan275@gmail.com



Love-not out-Peace





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