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Love seeks no boundaries

by Sourabh Khanna


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What is so important in this world? Love or hate?

Of course, it’s “HATE”. We hate others because they are from different religion. If they are from same religion then we hate them because they are from different sub castes. That goes on and on.

There should be only one religion to follow in this world, that is, HUMANITY. But we have totally forgotten about humanity to live with. We just know about which religion we belong to or who are our relatives and with whom we have to gel up.

But this was not what god intended. God didn’t create those religions and castes. These were made by humans like us. These beliefs have been engrained in the natural way of our culture, passed down through generation to generation that we have no choice but to follow and worship.

Well, this is a story of two souls who fell in love with each other and then get into trap of blind society and mythical religions & caste systems and how they managed to remove the shackles and freed from any barriers as Love Seeks No Boundaries….

Sourabh Khanna is a commerce graduate from Punjab University and a business diploma holder from Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand. He was born and brought up in a small town in Punjab, India and is currently residing in New Zealand. The author loves writing poems and songs, which reflect the sensitive and emotional side of his personality. He was inspired by the famous author Paulo Coelho. Apart from reading and writing, he is fond of movies and cricket.

You can reach him at www.sourabhk.com



Love seeks no boundaries



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