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Loved & Lost

Author Name: Manab Das | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Loved & Lost is inspired by many real-life incidents from the author’s life, converted into a fictional story. This book will take you to your school life, where everyone has their own stories, whether it’s their first love or first heartbreak. The author’s motive is to take the readers to their best period of time, which is their school life. 

This is the story of a schoolboy, how he fell in love with a girl, and the things he did while in love. Life is full of uncertainty and the boy felt the same when he was stuck in a dilemma. Loved and Lost tells the story of how one decision changed his life, giving you a life lesson to learn. 

To enjoy romance and heartbreak and an emotional, dramatic and suspenseful story, please read this book


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Manab Das

Manab Das is from Jamshedpur. After doing engineering in Bhubaneswar, Manab Kumar Das decided to follow his passion for writing and wrote a story. He took the idea from daily incidents in his life and converted it into a fictional story that will surely take you back to your memories of school, which is where Manab had encountered romance and heartbreak. 

Loved and Lost shows his dilemma of choosing friendship and love and how his decision changed his life, giving you a life lesson to learn. Go and find out how he deals with the situations.