by Dhaval Gajera


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

The adult stage of any person is the most exciting as well as confusing stage of life at which they are faced with all the tough questions of life. But slowly, as they grow up, only one question comes up and emerges to the top - 'what should I do with my life?' This book will not only answer that question but it will clear all the other doubts which will help you get the answer of above mentioned question. And if you are like majority of people on this earth who'll not even dare to attempt the unknown, you'll waste your precious moments here on earth and wonder on your death bed - 'I wish I did that!' or 'I wish someone had told me this before!' This is your guide to any answer in life. Remember, whatever problem you face in life, there is a related chapter in this book which is a solution to your problem.

About the Author

An avid reader, dancer and a book lover, Dhaval works for a Pharmaceutical firm in India and is the author of two books. His first book, "Today" was a fiction work. He writes his views on the world at He loves reading self help books and travelling a lot. You can reach him at or follow him on or on

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