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​Manah Prabodha

by ​Shiva Madhuri

Format: Paperback

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Man has been advancing through a lot of inventions and discoveries that led him to a tremendous transition in culture, education and perception of thoughts. Life is growing faster and faster these days leaving us no space for inner growth. The role of a guru in the life of an individual, society and country is enormous, not only academically, but in the growth of moral values. The man to man interaction has been decreasing now-a-days with the advent of gadgets that reduced a direct interaction with teachers. Even though the growth in terms of academics is persistent the impact of a direct interaction with a guru is missing and that is causing an indirect degradation of virtues.

The role of a guru in shaping an individual in all spheres is irreplaceable. Through this book the writer tries to emphasise a teacher’s role by sharing the story of her favourite teacher. She aims at reminding each one about their ideal guru in this attempt and tries to depict a teacher’s presence in developing her as a sensible human being.


Inspired from the above quote author thanks the gurus in the lives of every reader and grabs this opportunity to express her heart felt respect & gratitude to her Guru - the potter in her life.

Shiva Madhuri is a simple, sincere and creative person born to Mr. Shiva Ram Prasad & Mrs. Usha Rani on November 10, 1994 in Khammam (Telangana). She is presently pursuing her final year of graduation in Life Science. She has a special interest in penning down her thoughts in the form of articles and was provoked by a desire to shape them into a book.

She is an optimist who tries to transform herself through the hard knocks of life. She tries to maintain a social instinct through her works to reach out to people’s hearts. She has a rare ability to respond to others’ problems with her helping nature and an openness to derive an inspiration from any soul. She has an ability to spell-bind anyone’s brain with her seamless dedication and impressive interest in her works.



​Manah Prabodha





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