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Many A Moon

Author Name: Alisha Phillips & Shlok Ranjan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Arz Hai is a literary platform where wordsmiths, poets and writers connect with each other to share and to learn from the people with the same passion. The club has been successfully operating for three years and has its branches (chapters) in Pune, Kanpur, Banaras, Lucknow, Bhopal, and its city of origin, Allahabad. Arz Hai is about the expression of everything unsaid, it is about prancing about in the world of imagination while maintaining the awareness of the realities of life. “Many A Moon” is the second anthology of poems by the Arz Hai Club.

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Alisha Phillips & Shlok Ranjan

Alisha Phillips, the combination of psychology and writing. There are those who are appealing on the outside and then there are those who are appealing on the inside, she happens to be the latter. Don’t let her devil-may-care giggles fool you. She’s a cosmos of thoughts. An ocean of emotions and a novel of intellect.

A counsellor by day and writer by night, she likes to put down everything in words. Written or spoken, she finds words to be miraculous things that change the course of lives everyday.

Shlok Ranjan is the motivator and brains behind the show. Above everything else, he is an artist with a unique perspective on everything. If there is one thing he despises, it is monotony. He is all about innovation, imagination, and hard work.

An artist at heart, a graphic designer, animator, web designer, photographer, videographer (and more) by profession. Poetry runs through his veins and finds an escape through his poems. With a refreshing smile and warm voice, he fights every day with the idiosyncrasies of the world to create something different and out of the box!