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Marron et Eau de Nil 'Brown' and 'Green'

Author Name: Rhea Rose Honeycutt | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

What does a thirteen-year-old know of love? Read about lovers in 
several universes and phases of their life. Meet Mr. Smiles, a handsome 
and charming, green-eyed brunette who makes your heart jump every 
time you hear his name. The main character, you. Yes you! A young 
girl with brown eyes and brown hair. These two physical features give 
the book its name, ‘Marron et Eau de Nil’, which is a romantic fiction 
written to make you fall in love with love. If you were to wait long 
enough after finishing this book, you would see I almost predict the 
future, perhaps both yours and mine through these simple stories. 
Fairy tales were written because someone indeed lived them. Your only 
goal by the end is to find who is Mr. Smiles, both in reality and in 
your life. If you guess them both correctly, the book as well as I will 
have served my purpose. Go ahead and pursue yours and watch as I 
pursue mine. I can’t wait to witness the green and brown mix right in 
your eyes to finally fall as tears when Daisy sends you a happy letter 
goodbye. Love, love.

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Rhea Rose Honeycutt

Rhea is a fourteen-year-old model, author, artist and 
student with a keen sense of fashion and a remarkable 
skill to pen down all that she desires. By writing her 
first book at just the age of thirteen, she wishes for her 
readers and audience to witness her passion and love 
for literature. She is from an army, bureaucratic and a 
corporate background, which has enabled her to be as 
diverse as one can be. She has been experimenting with 
writing ever since she was six, writing short stories and 
poems. ‘Marron et Eau de Nil’ is a heartfelt romantic fiction that makes you 
cherish and condemn parts of the sentiment, love. This book is about two 
people in real life turned into fictional characters across multiple universes for 
the reader’s appeal. She hopes you will like it just as much as she liked writing 
it for you!