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Mastering “THE” Mast Journey of Life

Author Name: Ambili Mechoor | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

Every life journey in all aspects is unique in its own way. Happiness and fulfillment are what the human mind always envisages or rather craves for. Many a time, this seems to be a far reach. People, particularly the youth of today, find themselves in dilemma and stress to face challenges posed by life and circumstances. , Young minds, often take drastic and quick decisions that end up in deleterious consequences. The nuclear family concept of today has made people more and more self-centered; without any sympathy or empathy towards their fellow beings. A true realization of the self is of utmost importance to make this unique life journey beautiful and blissful. Mastering THE Mast is a  collection of poems that talks about the boulders which I had to cross over  and potholes into which, I fell  walking through the road of life;  the eventual realizations that helped me to think of alternate paths to make the journey much easier and smoother. We, as human beings, never realize what we have in life, but rather crave for that missing bit to be worried and anxious about. Each life is blessed and beautiful in a special way by the DIVINE POWER. This realization slowly seeps in once we start to see the beauty and bliss in nature. This book also conveys messages of forgiveness and gratitude, the two significant qualities to make “that one unique voyage” much more meaningful. Every voyage is confronted with storms and cyclones. The exceptional mastery over THE MAST is solely each individual’s perception to reach the destination.  

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Ambili Mechoor

Ambili Mechoor hails from Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, a state known for coconut palms and picturesque water bodies. She is a professor of Biochemistry by profession. The experiences she underwent in her life and the small realizations eventually were the main source of inspiration in writing poetry. She strongly believes that change in perceptions is needed in life as and when required to make one’s life much more beautiful and blissful. The process includes acknowledging all the blessings you have and enjoying the beauty of every bit of nature around. It also includes some bit of crazy thoughts as well which is depicted in some of her “crazy” poems included in this collection.