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Matri-Money How to Heal Your Relationship with Money and Wealth

Author Name: Dileepan Raghunathan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

As a hypnotherapist and personal counsellor (following a successful career culminating in the top echelons of corporate India), Dileepan Raghunathan had conceptualised and offered a personal coaching program called MRwmM (My Relationship with my Money) over the last eight years. This book, based on this experience, consists of 33 stories of different counselling sessions and the lessons that can be derived from them.

The book begins with the exposition of this coaching system that takes a holistic view to approach money/wealth, through a graphical positioning on four quadrants: creativity, abundance, renunciation and misery.

The topics of attracting sufficient money, awkwardness in discussing money, difficulty in retaining money, the propensity to waste money, fear/guilt-induced difficulty in spending money, insecurity and miserliness and the hesitation in sharing one's good fortune, are deliberated upon through sixteen stories split across seven chapters. Limiting beliefs about making and keeping money as well as good and bad ways of engaging with money are discussed through thirteen stories.

The book concludes with the text of a meditation to ease the flow of money in the meditator's life and a short discussion on how it is possible to achieve mastery over money.

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Dileepan Raghunathan

Dileepan Raghunathan is a high-end enterprise consultant, who specialises in helping both, organisations and individuals, break through the environmental and self-imposed barriers to their progress. As a hypnotherapist, personal counsellor and break-through coach, he has been helping organisations and individuals from 2013 to date.

A graduate in computer science from IIT Bombay, Dileepan has had a rich and varied career in the Indian IT industry, encompassing running his own organisations at one end, and as the Indian MD of a multinational company at the other.

Dileepan is also an adroit workshop designer and conductor and has successfully conceived of, designed and conducted several tailored workshops for multinationals, start-ups and various interest groups, including couples, parents, adolescents, high-stress careerists and people (in particular, ladies) looking to make a successful, minimal-stress career, etc. He uses principles and elements of gaming and theatre in his workshop designs, making them extremely attractive and stimulating to all participants.

He is the inventor and proponent of the QuantumLeap© model of Holistic Coaching. He is a Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering) from IIT Bombay (1988) and an internationally certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and breakthrough coach.

Dileepan is also acknowledged as a self-realised spiritual master and has been guiding spiritual seekers since 2013.