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Author Name: Me | Format: Paperback | Genre : Others | Other Details

She walked alone and somehow wasn't alone. She didn't feel scared, she didn't feel left out for the memories of "Their days" held her hand and helped her move forward. She walked until she was tired and when she stopped to rest, the memories gave her courage to walk again.

He on the other hand, didn't walk ahead. He decided to take a halt. He stayed where she had left hoping that some day the Memories of "Their days" would bring her back. He was sure that some day she would find a way back home. Only he didn't know it himself.

And Memories... They just did what they had to do!

* * *


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Sorry we are currently not available in your region.

Hi Friends,

I am Meenal Shirodkar. A Chef by education, An English Language Trainer by Profession and A writer by heart.

I usually am not a very disciplined writer and would admit that a constant seeker of approval. I indulge in writing random stories and poems... although there isn't any set theme or genre to my work, a lot of it revolves around Feelings, Emotions and Relationships. I am in love with the idea of being in love, and that may reflect in my work.

I have been born and brought up in the most beautiful city of Mumbai and that contributes to many free thinking thoughts that float in and out of my work. Some of the Orthodox minds might cringe their noses at my work, but as long as my characters are convinced of and believe in their actions I am a happy writer! I know it may sound arrogant, but unless I stand by my creation, I cannot expect any one to take it seriously. So i believe in every emotion that flows through the words you are about to read.

Although this is the first time I am opening my Pandora Box to you all, I have been secretly writing for more than a decade. What started as an extra curricular activity, is now a stress reliever and soon to be a choice of career for me. So now I seek the approval of all the readers around the world to encourage me on this Path that I wish to take!

Meenal S.

Pen Name : "Me"

* * *


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