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Microfinance Principles and Approachces Ten commandments for responsible financing to the poor

by V. Rengarajan


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Poetry is one of the highest forms of art which comes alive in hours of deepest solitude.

 It is like a divine intervention. It strikes just when the firmament of one’s sky is either too dark & brooding or lit up with the brilliant light of life’s great moments.

No one can explain why or how this inner rhythm & rhyme starts weaving magical stories with words . But it somehow does.

The mystery of this phenomenon cannot be explained but it can be enjoyed.

Ladies  & Gentlemen, I present to you my rhythm & rhyme: my Melody of Silence !

Garima is a training manager by profession and most importantly a trainer by heart. A hotelier who ventured into the arena of learning & development and immediately took to it like a fish takes to water.

A water sign by birth, she is a true dreamer.

 Her interests include cups of steaming cappuccino, enjoying the scenery while driving & reading books on varied subjects. Occasional bouts of impulsive shopping for clothes & shoes and the usual chit chat with close friends are some of the other things she indulges in and enjoys very much.

Garima’s professional aspirations are like most training managers; inspiring learners to realize their ambitions and kick starting their self drive. Like most trainers, she visualizes her core competence to be put to use for nurturing talent and create something beautiful & unique by shaping eager minds. And like most human beings she strives to fulfill her own dreams along with frequent acts of random kindness.

Her motto in life “Life is short, so keep it simple” guides her to do things one step at a time and keeps her mind away from the usual clutter of mundane things of one’s everyday living. 



Microfinance Principles and Approachces



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