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Microfinance Principles and Approachces Ten commandments for responsible financing to the poor

by V. Rengarajan


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About the Book

Poetry is one of the highest forms of art which comes alive in hours of deepest solitude.

 It is like a divine intervention. It strikes just when the firmament of one’s sky is either too dark & brooding or lit up with the brilliant light of life’s great moments.

No one can explain why or how this inner rhythm & rhyme starts weaving magical stories with words . But it somehow does.

The mystery of this phenomenon cannot be explained but it can be enjoyed.

Ladies  & Gentlemen, I present to you my rhythm & rhyme: my Melody of Silence !


V. Rengarajan received Doctorate in economics from Pondicherry Central University. M Phil from university of Madras. Served as researcher in Economics Department in University of Madras for 10 years, and in Madras Institute of Development studies (MIDS)for 2 years. As a senior economist, in charge of Economic Research dept in a nationalized bank (Indian Overseas Bank) formulated District Credit Plans and conducted a number of research and evaluation studies pertaining to financing for microenterprise development in rural area and micro financing for poverty reduction programmes for 25 years. As a professional international consultant in Micro finance, for APRACA/IFAD (Asia Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association Consultant Services,) Jakarta, Indonesia.. and Agricultural Finance Corporation Ltd,(AFC) Mumbai, India as state consultant, conducted evaluation and research studies connected to microfinance in many Asian countries.. Advisor to a national NGO for research and evaluation on Micro financing and SHG programmes in Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand states. Invited for guest lectures in national and international universities and as resource person for international workshops in Bangkok(APRACA), South Korea(Kon kun University) & USA(Rockherst university). Presented about 70 technical papers on rural banking and micro financing in national and international conferences /seminar/workshops/.Publication includes eight books and 70 papers in technical journals.

Also acted as visiting professor to Mrs. Helena Kaushik women’s PG college in Rajasthan. Recently, as a senior consultant to NGO Hand in Hand Chennai and presently to Madras Institute of development studies for doing impact evaluation NABARD. funded projects and conduct of ICSSR Orientation programme for PhD scholars and faculty members, Guidance to PhD students doing research studies on Microfinance and inclusion. Delivered three lectures on research methodology at orientation programme for research students and faculties in social science studies at Madras Institute of development studies Chennai.



Microfinance Principles and Approachces



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