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MICROMBA SKILLS Compilation of Case Studies Made Easy for MBAs and Non-MBAs

Author Name: P. Hari | Format: Paperback | Genre : Reference & Study Guides | Other Details

MICROMBA SKILLS provides you a unique opportunity to strengthen your managerial skills through an innovative and simple learning approach – Case Study Analysis.

The book reveals the essence of success behind numerous business stories. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur or executive, you need to know about what led to successes or failures in the past, so that you can apply them in your present circumstance.

The book drives us to learn the key elements to success through various case studies, focussing on the following topics: How the original business ideas converted into popular brands, right management decisions and how some business leaders implemented them, wrong management decisions and the missed opportunities, prevalence of gender discrimination in the corporate world and how these were overcome, proven business strategies and how some companies applied them, how branding is done by successful companies, how business partnerships are done during the business start-ups, examples of commendable employee performance in the corporate world, how business owners or business ideas were ridiculed at the time of start-up, the surprise factor of Educational background and personal lives of successful business leaders.


I am basically a Marine Engineer, I had no idea about MBA but this “MICROMBA SKILLS” changed my life in a week. Every page is like a MBA guest lecture. Undoubtedly it is very interesting, informative and inspiring with case studies. Above all, now a days, my MBA friends are scared to talk me…!

T J Kesava Murthy, Chief Engineer & Officer in Command

US Navy Ship Admiral Wm. Callaghan, at Alameda, CA 94501, USA


In today’s corporate world, missing an opportunity will cost huge and learning from one’s own mistake is expensive. But History is the great teacher. This book explains the proven and successful management strategies and decisions in the form of case-studies, in a simple and easy-to-understand language without using any management jargon. This book “MICROMBA SKILLS “is unique and I strongly recommend.

Prasanna Venkatesh Kannan, BE MBA

Project Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


This book “MICROMBA SKILLS” is an extraordinary idea to enhance the managerial skills. It provides brilliant answers to the critical questions viz. ‘When, What, Why, Where and How’ that were essential to the business success. This book covers, from ideas to strategies, strategies to execution and execution to results. And it also provides content rich case studies with analysis for leadership skills.

Prathipa Paramaguruparan, MBA

Last employed as a Manager in CRISIL GR&A


Being a science graduate I had no idea of MBA. After going through this book I got to know more about different brands, companies and business leaders. This is full of interesting, inspiring and useful facts presented through content-rich case studies. This book is great motivator and inspiration for MBAs as well as non-MBAs.

Shiji Sivan

Manager, a medical coding company, Chennai


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P. Hari

The author P. Hari is an entrepreneur, blogger and a passionate reader for a few decades now. He has spent more than 25 years in studying and analysing about various companies, brands and business leaders. While researching, he always gathered and compiled real life case studies and insightful success stories from local, regional, national and international business world. His interesting and informative research is now digitized into an online course in the form of business video case studies, so that complex concepts can also be easily presented to an entry-level management graduate!

He was a computer professional and was involved in a few business ventures in the past. He was also the owner and the editor of a successful weekly newspaper for employment opportunities.

P. Hari is the Founder Director of Micromba Education Private Limited and his current Online Management Education site is