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Mindset: The Epicenter Who Am ‘I’? Vol. II

Author Name: Rudra Kumar Kaushik | Format: Paperback | Genre : Philosophy | Other Details

‘Mindset- the Epicenter: Who am "I"?’ is the second volume to his earlier work 'Mindset the epicenter'. This book interrogates why two persons, having the same mind, which is made up of the same atoms, tend to behave differently towards people around them when faced with similar circumstances.

In fact, the question which led the author to pen this book was: what’s the true epicenter of everyone’s mind, including the trouble makers and the Samaritans?

He dips into the vast reservoir of theosophical debates and anecdotes of great minds like Swami Vivekananda and Buddha to arrive at the crux of the discussion and establish the origins of human actions and perspectives. The author hopes that his patrons would find true and satisfactory answers to these age-old questions in this book.

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Rudra Kumar Kaushik

Mr. Rudra Kumar Kaushik is an author and ‘Mindset- the Epicenter : Who am "I"?’ is his third book. He is a postgraduate in Political Science from Delhi University and has taught in various Delhi schools and government institutions for over four decades.

His present work is intended for readers who are curious about philosophical ideas that have gained prominence in human history and had a profound impact on human conditioning and belief systems.

His first book ‘Architect of human destiny’ was published in 2003 and was well received.