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Mirage of Imperfections The Story of Surviving a Narcissist

Author Name: Dr. Arsha M Dev | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Geethu, a young graphic designer, has to live a hard time in her workplace due to the constant abuse from a colleague named Sam. She wonders why Sam was bad to her alone. Later, she discovers that he has a narcissistic personality. At about the same time, the paranormal influence of narcissism also becomes a topic of discussion when Geethu finds an old letter from the colonial period in a library. She is soon joined by her near and dear ones, including her childhood sweetheart, Gopu, in the fight against Sam.

Mirage of Imperfections deals with both psychological (authentic) and paranormal (fantasy) dimensions of narcissism – it conveys the message that people who are really good at heart can survive narcissistic abuse and become successful in life, no matter how hard the ordeal is.

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Dr. Arsha M Dev

Dr. Arsha M Dev is a doctor who loves to write on medicine, society, love, mystery and adventure. Hailing from a small village in South Kerala, she used to write poems and short stories from a very young age, most of which were published in different regional magazines and newspapers. She prefers her own experimentation in writing. She is here with her debut fiction to inspire readers all over the world. Apart from writing, music is her passion. She gladly welcomes your feedback through social media and is very interactive in nature.

Official Instagram Account: @dr_arsha_mdev

Official Facebook Page: The Doctor’s Writings

Cover Photo Credits: Dr. Mukund Prabu