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Modern Ninjas

by Suvajit Mustafi

Format: Hardcover

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Modern Ninjas is a fantasy-illustrated novel. The book is a work of fiction visualized and written by Suvajit at the age of nine (1995), imagining it to be an animation film. The book was re-written, illustrated and designed by him in 2009. It is a narrative based in the Kamakura period (around 13th century) in Japan. Amidst the political transitions, civil feuds between clans, attacks from the Mongols and the rise of Buddhism; the fallen evil supernatural forces are rejuvenated and are gradually making their existence felt. But someone has to stand as the saviour. Its the fight of goodness against the dark forces, as two teenagers Daiichi and Dido seek reprisal, eventually beginning their journey to bring back joy to their land. Ninjas are the literary heroes of todays world. Ninjas, during the feudal times were associated with the unorthodox style of warfare, which included sabotage, espionage, scouting and assassination. The ninjas in this tale did use the said methods, but for the betterment and set a benchmark. Thats why they are the Modern Ninjas.

Suvajit Mustafi is a media, creative and sports media professional, currently employed with the Hinduja Group in Mumbai. He is a graduate in Media studies from Mumbai and holds post graduation in Computer Graphic design from University of Waikato, New Zealand. He also holds postgraduate qualifications in management, digital media and mass media. He began his full-time career as a sports journalist with the Times of India group. Experienced in the print and the electronic media, Suvajit has also been into film-making and it is something he seriously considers to do along with novel and cricket writing. Apart from pen and films his interests involves graphic design, travelling, understanding cultures and trying out various cuisines. Jovial and philanthropic by nature; Suvajit is a die-hard cricket fan.



Modern Ninjas



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