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by Ashwin Razdan

Format: Paperback

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Moksh lived a difficult life, one filled with more hardships than anyone should endure. But Moksh has a talent – one that had given him his very name. His art of liberating people of their sorrows is a skill loved by all who are privy to it. He had never thought of it as anything more than a part of him.

Until he met Sameer.

Together they embark on a journey, reinventing the use of social media to help Moksh reach masses and become popular for what he does best. But will fame come easily? Can Sameer work his pioneering magic and use the medium (he had once feared) to get Moksh the title he so rightfully deserves?

Ashwin Razdan has an MA in Sociology, and holds a degree in Computer Science Engineering, with specialization in Internet & E-commerce. Over the last ten years, he has worked as an online marketer and a social media professional with leading brands in India.

Ashwin currently works as an Associate Media Director - Social Media at Cheil, India (a Samsung Group Company). Prior to this, he was part of the Marketing Innovation Center as a Social Media Expert, at Dell.

In 2008, Ashwin authored his first book - New Media: Techniques and Trends - which is a comprehensive guide for students pursuing mass communication or marketing as a career. It is also a part of the 'recommended books' for a few Universities in India.

In 2012, Ashwin authored his second book - Think Social Engagement...not just 'Likes' and 'Shares'. This book provides a methodological approach to defining why your brand needs to be online, how to discover what will work for you, and finally, how to engage the right audience. The book also describes what pieces of information make an excellent analytic report and how social media investments can be justified.








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