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Mondays with Minu Short Stories to Boost Your Resilience, Rekindle Your Energy, and Bring You Happiness

Author Name: Ratna Rao | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Minu paints the canvas of her life with splendid colors dipping her brush into desires, dreams and recollection!

Minu pulls off the red scrunchy with a swift movement and gives her head a shake, letting her wavy hair bounce around her shoulders. Oh Oh!! Minu has a problem that’s eating into her. What’s it this time? A bossy boss, a strange birthday wish, an acrimonious client or a fishy shadow? Minu grapples with the hiccups of everyday life and finds solutions in playful childhood conversations. The author adds a personal touch to the stories with Acrylics and Oil paintings connecting the stories with the paintings seamlessly, leaving the reader mesmerized and joyful.  

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Ratna Rao

Ratna Rao spent her younger days lost in the world of books. She completed her schooling in Calcutta and acquired a Masters in English Literature from Bangalore University. A trained counselor from Banjara Academy, she is aware of the many rapid journeys the mind takes and the power it has to heal or hurt. She sees herself as a mom, grandma, teacher and friend. With a career in education spanning three decades, she is highly valued for her unconventional approach to classroom interactions. A story teller at heart and an artist by choice, Ratna Rao combines her interest in visual appeal and words to make her teacher training sessions fulfilling and energetic. Her stories are earthy and spiritual.