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My Friend’s Death Shocking, Reasoning and Learning

by Jagadish Jeeyar

Format: Paperback

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This book will be an eye opener for all middle-aged individuals, who often become too busy with their careers and spend most of their time in earning more money. Middle age is a crucial period in life, when an individual suddenly becomes serious about his career, family and social status. He/She becomes less active physically as the years pass and becomes restricted to the house. Most middle-aged individuals distance themselves from friends and those who continue with friends usually choose some unhealthy lifestyles.

This book is about understanding the costly mistakes of a middle-aged person, which could lead to situations in their life that can be deleterious

Jagadish Jeeyar is a medical graduate living in Bangalore and working for a US Healthcare company as a product manager for the past few years. He started his career in hospitals and has also worked in clinical research and as a medical college Associate Professor, teaching preclinical subjects to first year medical and dental students.



My Friend’s Death





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