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My Golden Sapphire

Author Name: Shivika | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Zen, a powerful deity of earth, aroused a war against his three brothers for winning the thrown. He has a beloved wife, Jia (Jenny), who is the most powerful deity among the deities of nature, earth, sun and water. Soon after the war, they were punished and abandoned from the heavenly realm. Jia took birth as a human and others as a deity with limited powers in the human realm. Zen and Jia (Jenny) took birth in two different countries. Jia, a human on earth, developed a crush on a K-pop idol from Instagram Reels; he is the most eligible bachelor and a millionaire out there. One day she had a dream where she discovered her true identity in the heavenly realm. She found out that the person she has a crush on is no one else but her beloved husband, Zen. On her journey to meet her love in the real world, she encounters several deities and demigods. But the deities are forbidden to meet their beloved in the human realm by a curse. Will she figure out the way to break the curse and make Zen fall in love with her in real life?

Their love for each other will shake the world and beyond.

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Shivika was born in 1995 in India. She studied at different places in India and adapted to the environment well so that her studies won’t get affected. Growing up, she was fascinated with watching supernatural television series and movies, and this interest led her to read. She was drawn to fiction novels and comics. She found it exciting as she felt as if she can hide somewhere else. In the Golden Sapphire, she explored the two different countries living life and culture and wants to tell people how to mingle with them. She explains that nothing is permanent and change is inevitable. The only way to adapt the change is by fighting, taking the right decisions and winning the odds. That is when one can prove themselves worthy.