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Author Name: BALAJI KRISHNAN | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

To be frank as a doctor, in medical terms we just say it’s a spark in the neuron or might be a surge of electrical activity in the brain that pushes us to let the words out. But as time progressed, I started realizing that poetry is not about what our brain thinks or subconscious thoughts. It’s all a combination of feelings that runs out from your soul and a bit of imagination about the beauty of nature. I always tried to write based on real-life incidents and the moments I wanted to have in my life in the past seven years. I guess it’s time for me to take you to the journey of My Random Dew Drops, which you may love or hate but still read!

Find the way I inked out my feelings stemming from the soul interesting.

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Balaji Krishnan was born and brought up in Chennai. Like every other person, his life was filled with fun and a little bit of craziness. His dream was always to become a doctor because he thought even a tiny effort from him can bring a lot of benefit and happiness to humankind. He is currently pursuing his degree in Oncology.  He always enjoyed growing up traditionally with special addiction to filter coffee.  If someone had said to him that he could probably write a book a decade ago, he would have probably burst out with laughter. Until now, the riddle or perhaps the puzzle he couldn’t solve is the push that brought the other part of him in writing poems in the real world. It’s always at night time, sitting next to the window with a slight touch of breezy wind that he starts to pour out his emotions into a tiny paper. It’s not just his writing but a slice of his life.