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Mysteries with Bianca Callie The Graveyard Mystery

by Shraddha Surajith

Format: Paperback

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It all started on a rainy day, almost like the sky began to cry, when Bianca was watching the news. It was reported that the people of Perivale, a little town, were in a state of panic because of a frightening laser attack.

Bianca, a detective is out on a mind-boggling mystery about the dangerous laser attack. Along with Kipper and Mr Putt, Bianca is off to Sydney to unfold it. Will Bianca find it out???

Hey, I’m Shraddha, I am a ten years old student at Baverstock Oaks School in New Zealand. At the age of three, I moved from India to New Zealand with my parents. I love reading books, I write short stories and this one is a little bigger. Do you like mysteries? I do! It all started when I was playing a reading game about graveyards and ghosts, suddenly I had an idea! All I needed to do was to put this idea into a story. I finished this book when I was 9 years. It was awesome to finally have the book published. Hope you like it.



Mysteries with Bianca Callie





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