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Mystery of a Crawling Butterfly Book 1, The Flyborn Series

Author Name: Roshan Raj Mehta | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

For most of the butterflies that lived on the cursed tree, crawling had become their true identity but for Romi Flyborn, his wings had a purpose. The cursed tree didn’t allow the creatures that lived on it to look beyond its greens. It was only the gaps between the leaves that allowed Romi to catch a glimpse of the blue sky and made him wonder about the world that existed beyond the tree. His journey is about to take new heights against the conventions of his society. 

Romi shows us that, not all that we dream off are mere illusions but sometimes they could be destiny’s way of giving us a higher purpose in life. What is that purpose? Join Romi Flyborn in his journey through the dense leaves, hopping squirrels, hooting owls, magical cotton seeds, giant evil snakes and a legendary cursed tree to unravel the ‘Mystery of a crawling butterfly.’   

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Roshan Raj Mehta

Story. The one word that defines Roshan Raj Mehta and his beliefs that the existence of a story is what gives meaning to any individual or life. Just like the different genres for stories, life has different stages from children’s fiction to a teenager’s adventure, to an adult love story, to a middle-aged tragedy or an old age recipe book. Roshan has grown up and has spent most of his life in boarding schools and meeting people from diverse cultural backgrounds which gave him a wide perspective on people and stories. His upcoming stories will mostly be set in the fictitious world named RsamRock universe which took him almost 5 years to build. Mystery of a crawling Butterfly is the first book set on RsamRock Island that exists in the universe he has created. He is a Master’s In English and loves to explore the world holding his pen and paper more than bags and baggage.